Project Description

Project Description


EdisonLearning is a leading international educational service provider, and a pioneer of charter schools and distance learning.

ETA Media developed the middle school courseware product titled MyDay.

The MyDay web app was tied to an existing LMS (Learning Management System) and served up each student’s course assignments in a Daily Planner interface. Whereas High School students were given the freedom to choose in CoursePlayer which subject and task to complete during the day, the MyDay to-do interfaced constrained the younger students to the highest priority task.

A new feature built into MyDay, was the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal allowed parents to login and review their child’s work, progress and achievements.

MyDay also included a unique feature for rewarding students who completed all of their work and received good grades: the multi-user environment, MyPad.

Other features of MyDay included collaborative projects for cross-curriculum learning, as well as learning game simulations.